Zakaah of gold and silver

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Zakaah of gold and silver:
The rulings on Zakaah of gold and silver are also applied with regard to what is derived from them such as money, ingots and the like.
Zakaah is to be given in gold when it reaches twenty Mithqaals[1]. Thus the Nisaab of 24 carat gold is 85 grams, 92.7 grams of 22 carat gold, 97.14 grams of 21 carat gold, 113.3 grams of 18 carat gold, or 127.5 grams of 16 carat gold.
With regard to silver, the Nisaab of silver is 200 dirhams which equals 595 grams of silver.
The due amount of Zakaah in gold and silver is one-fortieth (2.5%), whether they are coined or not.
[1]twenty Mithqaals is equal to 85 grams of Gold (Translator)
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