8- experiences of some mothers'

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8- experiences of some mothers':

A mother talked about her father's and mother's experience in directing her and her sisters, saying that  The father used to come  from the prayer of Friday each week and talk directly to his wife saying: "This is what the Sheikh (preacher) of the Masjid said today…." So he tells her many stories then he comes out of it with advices and guidance while ignoring his children who are gazing at him and are listening with high concentration to the talk of (the adults). The story said: "When I grew up and remembered what my father was saying, I knew that some of his talk could not be said by the Sheikh ,but it was directed to us: me and my sisters. The most surprising thing was that we were affected by this indirect talk, were respecting our lord a lot, love Him and fear from any thing which may be called forbidden (Haram) because it makes Allah the Almighty angry, and now I am trying to follow the same way with my children"
Another mother talked about her three years old daughter who was the youngest between her siblings, who did not stop annoying her all the time. So she took the child with her to the lessons held at the Masjid to protect her from them. So this girl grew up, unlike her siblings, loving Allah the Almighty, fearing Him in the secret and public, and memorizing the information that she heard in the Masjid, moreover she was keen on praying, fasting and giving charity with happiness!!!
A third mother said: "My children were refusing to sleep alone in their room so I started to sit with them after each one goes to his bed, tell them an aimed story then shut down the room's light, leave a faint light enters from the side opening. Then I open the cassette of the last chapter of Qur’an (Amma) which is recited by a sheik who has a sweet peaceful voice and leave the room. The children were interested in his voice and sleep before the first part of it finishes. By the passage of time, they have stopped fearing to sleep alone. Once I turned on the cassette, they tell me: "Go to your room, we are not scared". More important than this that they have started to ask about Allah the Almighty, long to see Him, ask about the meanings of the words of the verses that they listened to, even love the talk about religion and accept the advice with satisfaction"

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