Allah's Name Al-Baseer-The All-Seeing

Allah's Name Al-Baseer-The All-Seeing

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Praise be to Allah, and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and companions.

Almighty Allah says

He is (Allah) the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing

Ghafir: 56

Almighty Allah tells us about Himself in the Quran saying that He is "The All-Hearing, The All-Seeing," "All-Knowing, All-Seeing"

He says

Allah sees all that you do

He also says

Allah is fully aware of His servants

Meanings and Denotations of Allah's Name Al-Baseer:

1- Almighty Allah sees all His creation everywhere and every age.

2- He is the One whose sight encompasses everything that is conceivable, hidden or apparent, no matter how hidden or small it may be. He sees and hears the sound of black ants crawling on solid rocks at dark nights. He sees mosquitos spreading their wings at the dark night, He even sees the blood running in its veins at the very dark night.

3- Almighty Allah sees the apparent and the hidden, He sees the depths of the seas.

4- He knows that which deceives the eyes and what chests conceal.

5- Almighty Allah has insight with which He realizes what is apparent and hidden of all things.

* Allah sees the acts of His servants, and how good, sincere and devoted they are. He sees the hearts as they truly are, He knows what is in the hearts.

Almighty Allah says

Say [Prophet], ‘Take action! Allah will see your actions- as will His Messenger and the believers

At-Tawbah: 105

6- Almighty Allah sees His creation, but they do not see Him neither in the worldly life, nor the hereafter, because on the Day of Judgment they will look at Him but their eyes will not be able to encompass Him.

No sight can grasp Almighty Allah, but His Grasp is over all sights, even when the believers see Him in the Hereafter, their sights will not encompass Him. You can see the sky, but you are not able to encompass it with your sight, and the sky is created by Him. So, if we cannot encompass a creation by Allah when we see it, would we be able to encompass Him with our sights?! Certainly not!

7- Seeing the believers by Almighty Allah implies that they will be rewarded with Paradise for being obedient.

- Seeing the disbelievers by Almighty Allah implies that they will be punished in Hell for being deviant and resentful.

8- Almighty Allah blinded the eyes and hearts of those who turned away and refused to see the truth in the worldly life.

9- Almighty Allah tortures them on the Day of Resurrection by not looking at them.

10- Seeing the creation by Almighty Allah is different than when His creation sees each other. His vision befits His glory and majesty.

11- The attributes of Allah are nothing like those of His creation. The Divine attributes are as perfect as befitting to His Majesty and Might and as He wills.

12- Ahl As-Sunnah do not know the essence and nature of the Divine attributes, they affirm them for Almighty Allah according to their actual meanings in the Arabic language, without interpretation or negation.

Worshiping Allah by His Name Al-Baseer:

1- Whoever is mindful that Allah sees his worship and that Allah will reward him for his good deeds will never see anyone else except Allah; it would not matter for him whether others see him or not, as if he no longer sees other people and they no longer see him. Indeed, this is sincerity!

* Whoever is mindful that Allah sees Him will not awaits for others to see his actions, he shall be satisfied with Allah seeing him not people, he will forsake showing off with his deeds to please people and seek their approval.

2- Sincerity is the cure for showing off and arrogance.

3- Showing off with deeds is to seek the attention of people during the act of worship which makes him pleased for being seen.

4- Whoever is mindful that Allah sees him will not disobey Allah, and he will feel ashamed if he commits any of Allah's prohibitions, or abandons any of His commands. This person will not underestimate that Allah's sees him and knows what his heart conceal.

5- Whoever is mindful that Allah is watching him will be diligent and improve his worship till he reaches the rank of Ihsan (excellence in worship, such that Muslims try to worship Allah as if they see Him, and although they cannot see Him, they undoubtedly believe that he is constantly watching over them. That definition comes from the hadith of Jibreel in which Prophet Muhammad states, "[Ihsan is] to worship Allah as though you see Him, and if you cannot see Him, then indeed He sees you". (Bukhari and Muslim)

6- Whoever is mindful that Allah sees him will love Allah for His protection and fear His Might and Glory. If he can do that, it would be more likely that his deeds are to be accepted.

* Whoever is mindful that Allah sees him his heart will be filled with reverence, glorification and fear, and also love for Him because the servant knows that Allah protects and supports him.

7- The Muslim has to use his sight by looking into the universal signs which indicate that their Creator is The Absolute One, The Judge.

8- Whoever is blessed by insight is actually blessed with a lot of graces and ultimate good. Insight is the ability of the person to realize the true nature of things, so he would never be fooled by an oppressor or a disbeliever.

9- Insight is superior than sight, not everyone who can see realizes the truth of what he is looking at.

10- Ahl As-Sunnah say that Almighty Allah sees and looks, based on proofs in the Quran. Even though the Divine attribute of sight is affirmed to Allah, it should not be likened to that of His creation.

Almighty Allah says

There is nothing like Him: He is the All Hearing, the All Seeing

As-Shuraa: 11

The Names of Allah As-Samee' and Al-Baseer demand that the servant should be mindful that Almighty Allah watches Him, so he should be either in a mosque, doing something good such as enjoining goodness, forbidding evil or reconciling between people after a quarrel or disagreement.

The Muslim who is mindful that Allah is watching him is always away from places of obscenity and timewasting, he is away from these places physically and mentally. He is preoccupied with useful and good deeds.

* His tongue is always reciting the Quran, and remembering Allah, hoping that His Lord mentions him in the high heavens.

* The person who is mindful that his Lord sees him through the skies and darkness is too shy to commit a sin or profanity, this shyness and fear of Almighty Allah will certainly lead to avoiding prohibitions and evil.

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