Name of Allah Al-Baqi -The Everlasting, The Eternal, The Ever-Enduring

Name of Allah Al-Baqi -The Everlasting, The Eternal, The Ever-Enduring

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Praise be to Allah, and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and companions.

Almighty Allah says:

And there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor

Ar-Rahman: 27

He is the Everlasting, and He is ever-Present, Who remains existing forever, from the beginning of any beginning and for eternity.

Meanings and Denotations of Allah's Name Al-Baqi:

1- He is the One the duration of Whom never ends, and such duration is described as abaci, perpetual, eternal, and endless.

2- His Attributes are eternal, existing before His creation. The existence of His creations did not add anything to His Attributes that was not there before them. As He is eternal in His Attributes (without beginning), so is He eternal with them (without end).

3- He is the One who keeps whomever He wills for the duration He wills, and nothing remains without His Will to sustain it.

4- His dominion is constant, and His domain is permanent.

Worshipping Allah by His Name Al-Baqi:

1- Any sane person should view the universe as mortal, he should not be preoccupied by the pleasures of life.

Even though a Muslim is permitted to enjoy fully whatever lawful pleasures Allah bestows on him, Islam nevertheless encourages and praises those who shun luxury in favor of a simple and pious life, in other words, not to pursue pleasures of life wholeheartedly.

2- If you think about it, you would find that you have been created for immortality not mortality. You will be transferred from one abode to another where you shall be rewarded for your deeds, so be smart and work for the final abode and know who you are. You should know whom you worship, and why you have been created. And what does Allah want from you?!

3- The believer in the name of Allah Al-Baqi should pursue the everlasting life in Paradise by being disinterested in this mortal world and become keen on worship and obedience of Almighty Allah. He should control his desires and abstain from the forbidden ones.

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