Name of Allah Al-Hakeem -The All-Wise

Name of Allah Al-Hakeem -The All-Wise

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Praise be to Allah, and blessings and peace be on Allah's Messenger, His family, and His companions.

Almighty Allah says

your Lord is all knowing and wise

Yusuf: 6

Almighty Allah says

He is the Mighty, the Wise.

An-Nahl: 60

Almighty Allah describes Himself in the Qur'an saying: (All Knowing and Wise) (The Mighty, The Wise) (The All Wise, The All Aware) (The Wise One, Worthy of All Praise), (All Embracing, All Knowing) (Accepter of Repentance, All Wise) (Exalted and Wise).

Meanings and Denotations of Allah's Name Al-Hakeem:

1- To whom belong all the wisdom, perfection and judgment.

2- Wisdom is in sayings and deeds, all the sayings and deeds of Allah are wise.

3- Perfection is manifested in His creation, there is neither fault nor disproportion in the creation.

4- Decree includes legislative and universal ones. His laws are just and His decree is wise.


5- His Wisdom is of the essence of His Names The All-Knowing, The All-Aware, The Powerful, His vast wisdom is a prerequisite of His Name Al-Waasi' (The Boundless, The All-Embracing).

6- A sign of His Wisdom is that He has created the universe for a reason, He has not created anything in vain; exalted be Allah far above such a thing. Rather He creates things for great and wise reasons, and for sublime purposes such as worshipping Him alone, without associating any partners with Him. This wisdom requires praising Him.

7- A sing of His wisdom is creating sins so that He accepts the repentance of His servants by His name At-Tawwaab (Acceptor of Repentance), He replaces their misdeeds with good deeds and raises their ranks in the hereafter.

8- His Divine Will and Decree reflect His great wisdom, He might decree things that appears hurtful such as the defeat of Muslims, loss of wealth or death of loved ones, but whoever remains patient will be rewarded with expiation of sins, increase of faith, raising of ranks and reaching the highest gardens of Paradise. Allah loves all these rewards to be given to his believing servants, this is why Almighty Allah decrees things that may appear painful but in essence, they are reasons for mercy and reward.


9- His legal rulings are very precise, Almighty Allah is The All-Wise, He never commands people to do something unless it is the best for them, and never prohibits them from something unless it is bad for them.

10- His Divine Laws are the best for humanity, they suit each time, place and nation. He has created people so He knows the best for them.


11- Allah is The Judge, He judges His servants' deeds and judges between them by virtue of His Names, The All-Knowing, The All-Wise, The Exalted and The Mighty, He judges between them with His knowledge and Wisdom, and applies His decree with His power, and He has the absolute supremacy on them due to His glory and dominion.

Allah bestows sovereignty on whom He wills and seizes it from whom He wills. He empowers whom He wills and humiliates whom He wills. He bestows female (offspring) upon whom He wills, and bestows male (offspring) upon whom He wills. Or He bestows both males and females, and He renders barren whom He wills. Allah multiplies His reward for whom He wills, He gives whom He wills out of His bounty, and gives victory to whom He wills.

12- Allah's legal rulings, commands and prohibitions are just and precise, servants belong to two categories: some who obeyed The All-Merciful and believed in Him and some who denied Him and denied His rulings.

13- As for the universal rulings of Allah such as the way people are created, how their livelihood is decreed, whether they will be poor or wealthy and the time of their birth and death, these rulings cannot be altered by humans, they have no saying in them.

14- On the Day of Resurrection the universal and the legislative rulings of Allah will both be applied, Allah shall reward the obedient by law, and He will admit him to Paradise by His Divine Will. He shall punish the disobedient by law, and He will admit him to the Hellfire by His Divine Will.

15-  Almighty Allah grants wisdom to whom He wills.

16- The Will of Allah is part of His Wisdom, there are two kinds of Divine Will: Shar'i (Legislative) and Kawni (Universal).

* As for Allah's Legislative Will, it is what Almighty Allah loves, as it is what He commands His servants to do. Sometimes it is fulfilled and sometimes not, such as acts of worship and acts that raises people's ranks, and every command by Almighty Allah stems from His wisdom.

* As for Allah's Universal Will, it has to occur and it is associated with Allah's wisdom, the will of the servant is subject to the Divine Will, because Allah created people, their actions and their wills.

Worshipping Allah by His Name Al-Hakeem:

1- The Muslim has to have strong faith in the great wisdom of Almighty Allah, and His perfect planning. He has to submit to Allah's rulings, obey His commands, follow His laws, accept His decree and Divine Will.

2- The Muslim should be certain that Allah has not created the heavens and the earth in vain, He has created them so that His servants worship Him Alone and associate none with Him.

3- The Muslim has to rely on Allah and trust the Wisdom of His Divine Will and Decree. He has to be certain of the good reward he shall get, and that what Allah has chosen for him is better than what he would have chosen for himself. The Muslim should be convinced that Allah has not denied you except to give you, and He has not afflicted you except to relieve you and give you comfort. He has not tested you except to purify you as His Divine Will is based on great wisdom.

4- The servant should not disobey Allah's commands if he could not understand the wisdom behind them, he has to obey His Lord.

5 - Those who can understand some of Allah's wisdom are truly blessed.

6 - Whoever denies or changes the Divine laws is a nonbeliever.

7 - Objecting to the Divine Laws is prohibited as much as objecting to the Divine Will and Decree of Almighty Allah. Whoever objects to the Divine Will and Decree is actually denying the great wisdom of the Lord.

8- Asharites say that Almighty Allah may bless His enemies and torture His devout servants, this is a kind of abuse of Allah's name Al-Hakeem because this contradicts the great wisdom of Almighty Allah which is the essential meaning of Almighty Allah's Name Al-Hakeem (The All-Wise).

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