5. How to keep this love alive ?

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5. How to keep this love  alive ?

In order recharge their love for allah , We should:


*give them a chance to get to know people who really  love Allah ,

*take them to Mecca for performing Omrah ,and explain to them when we are doing (Tawaf)by the Ka'aba that we are under the Throne of Allah the Almighty,and that angles are doing Tawaf also up on our heads _but up ,high on the seventh sky ! and also explain that in Mecca  we are the noble guests of the Lord ,and because He is the most generous ,He would  give us according to His generosity.

*take advantage of going with them on picnics(on the sea side ,in forests ,in deserts_etc.) to encourage them to deeply  think  about how great Allah is through pondering about his doings and creatures He created!!

*encouraging them to keep remembering the blessings of Allah, especially the best of all ,which ”Islam” (helping them to become Muslims),and then the rest of blessings by drawing a table like the following:


My sins

Blessings of Allah

















*Encourage them to give charity(which help them get rid of selfishness and Stinginess) ,telling them that charity goes to the hand of the Lord(means they are rewarded for it ), before it goes in the hand of the poor people. (25)

*Being good examples for them in loving Allah , and the Prophet (peace be upon Him)

*Being also good examples in loving and prefering what Allah likes on what we like .

 *talking with them about the meeting of Allah on the day of judgement, and being His neighbors in Paradise , and how He would visit us in our palaces _so their hearts long for seeing  and being with Allah in paradise ,and their  love for Allah gets deeper in their little hearts.


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