6. When and how do we talk to them?

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6. When and how do we talk to them?

 To make sure that we affect them, we should follow the teacher of human hood, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), who was teaching his companions and the Muslims and directing them in many ways, such as (but not for limitation):

1. Excitement by asking a question and then answering it: As prophet peace be upon him: (Do you know who is the bankrupt?)

2. Attract their attention by a question, by using the opening: "Should not I tell you": As prophet peace be upon him used to say: (Should not I tell you about the best people?), (Should not I tell you about the people of paradise?), (Should not I tell you by what Allah erase the sins?)…etc.

3. Telling a story, as prophet peace be upon him narrated the story of the man who gave the dog a dose of water by his shoe so he entered paradise. And the story of the woman who was sent to hell fire because she had imprisoned a cat.

4. While taking him on a trip or a ride to a certain place , as Ibn Abaas may Allah be satisfied with them said: (I was behind the prophet of Allah one day, and he said: Oh boy, let me  teach you some  words: obey Allah ,so He will protect you…) till the end of this Hadeeth (saying). And there is another hadeeth narrated by Abu tharr may Allah be satisfied with him:” The prophet of Allah peace be upon him rode a donkey, let me behind him and said: (Oh Abu thar, if people suffer a strong hunger to the extent you could not stand up and go from your bed to your Masjid, what will you do? I said: Allah and his prophet know better. He said: Have the chastity)

5. Take advantage of the occurrence of a certain situation as we saw in the hadeeth that was narrated by Omar Ibn Abu Salamah may Allah be satisfied with them: (I was a boy under the patronage of the prophet of Allah peace be upon him and my hand was improperly within the plate. So the prophet of Allah peace be upon him said: Oh boy, …mention the name of Allah, eat with your right hand and eat what is in front of you.)

6. Telling him from time to time that we love him as prophet peace be upon him said to Moaz Ibn Jabal: (Oh Moaz, I swear by Allah that I love you) and to Sa'ad Ibn Abe Waqqas : (throw your arrow Sa'ad, I would sacrifice my father and my mother to protect you).

and here are some things that make achieving this target easy:

*We should not talk with him in this topic while he is angry, after punishing him for any reason, while he is crying ,or in an atmosphere that is full with depression or sadness.

**If we do not want to do something that he wants, we should not say for him: "By the will of Allah" in order not to teach him, from repeating that, that this sentence means: "I won't do" instead we should say: "We will see, I will think ,or according to circumstances" or any other similar phrases.

***If we want to punish him, we should not swear by Allah that we will  punish him. It is enough to say: "You will see how I will punish you ,or some thing like that" in order not to connect the name of Allah with the punishment in his mind.

****We should not repeat in front of him every time he does a mistake: "Allah will send you to the hell fire if you did that again" in order for him not to connect the name of Allah the Almighty with the hell fire since his childhood.

*****If we were hitting him or about to punish him for any reason and he asks refuge from Allah the Almighty, we must stop directly and suppress our anger as much as we can, because Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him)   ordered us to do so .

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